The theme is very close to Rauw’s characteristic style.


Buenos Aires, Argentina. – Bizarrap launched a new collaboration and this time he did it with Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro.

It didn’t take long for the Argentine producer to launch his “Music Sessions #56”, just weeks after publishing his collaboration with the Mexican Featherweight.

On the subject Rauw made reference to his fiancée, Rosalía on two occasions. The first when she appears with a case, a clear reference to “Motomami” and the second during a fragment of the song in which she mentions “If you’re angry, I’ll give you a rehab”.

In just over 16 hours, the theme became a trend on YouTube and has achieved more than 7 million views, so it is expected that this will also be a new success for Argentina and Puerto Rico.

It is worth mentioning that the theme is very attached to Rauw’s characteristic style.


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