The song premieres at 6:00 in the afternoon, El Salvador time.


The Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny announced that his new single, of which he has already shared a small fragment, will bear the title in English of ‘Where she goes’ and will be released this Thursday, May 18, on all streaming platforms.

Through an Instagram story, the successful Puerto Rican artist briefly revealed the launch details, and also what seems to be the official art that will accompany his single.

He previously uploaded a video in which we see him singing and dancing to what appears to be a preview of his song, which, however, is sung in Spanish and not English, like the title of the single.

According to the singer himself, the song will be published at 5:00 PM Los Angeles time, United States (6:00 PM El Salvador time).

Where She Goes Little Sneak Peek

baby tell me the truth

if you forgot about me

I know it was just one night

Dont do it again

Baby, in you I wanted to find

What I lost in another

Your pride doesn’t want to talk to me

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