The talented national artist divides his time between salsa and sports.


Salsa and triathlon are two dreams come true for Rubén Flamenco, founder and director of the Salsalvador All Star orchestra and, since the end of 2020, an enthusiastic triathlete.

With salsa, Rubén consolidated his desire as a professional musician and with the triathlon he affirms that he found an “escape” and a new approach to his life after suffering from Covid-19.

Flamenco is clear about it: his first passion was salsa and in this field he already has 40 years of experience, a period in which the founding of the Salsalvador All Star orchestra and Salsalvador USA stands out, among other projects.

Rubén was born in Ciudad Merliot in 1977 and inherited his father’s music, an art in which he was involved since he was five years old when he received his first piano and guitar lesson, among other instruments that he now plays perfectly.

“The piano has always been my passion and I owe it all to music because I haven’t done anything else since I was five years old. My dad inherited my talent, he had the Music Academy, so that’s how it all started; I was trying all the instruments. I remember my dad didn’t want me to listen to popular music, but classical music, but I always liked cumbia and salsa,” explained Flamenco, a 46-year-old artist.

During his journey through the fifth art, Flamenco was part of the Champagnat College peace band and the Don Bosco College Orchestra. His talent was honed with a piano degree in Costa Rica and a master’s degree in New York.

Triathlon is his new vision

Rubén explained that his life took a 180 degree turn at the beginning of 2021 after overcoming a complicated Covid-19 picture that kept him hospitalized for several days at El Salvador Hospital.

“Not breathing was very complicated, but I managed to get to the El Salvador Hospital, there they gave me adequate care to fight for my life, because I wanted to live and I came out with a new vision, God changed me and my life took a turn,” he recalled. .

After surviving the deadly virus, he became more committed to sports and music.

“Covid-19 gave me, it was 20 difficult days, with the life change I had afterwards I dedicated myself fully to triathlon and I am going to celebrate three years of being in the sport, obviously as a hobby, but I am always very passionate. Now I dedicate myself 100 percent to sports and professionally to salsa. I was going to die, apart from the fact that I drank (alcoholic beverages) at that time; Now I have been teetotal for three years, I go one day at a time, ”he said.

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