The Pole made self-criticism of the team recently in an interview with Barca Magazine.


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The striker Robert Lewandowski arrived at FC Barcelona this season and in 20 league games he has already scored 15 goals, being one of the most outstanding in the culé team; However, the Pole recently criticized the team in an interview with Barca Magazine.

The 34-year-old striker began by talking about the current season, which has had two painful eliminations in European competitions, but on the other hand they are very close to winning two local titles that could save the campaign.

“We must believe that everything is possible, but it is still early to think about the two titles. In the League we are in a good position, but we still have many games to go and we must show that we can do better than in the games we have won 1-0″, commented the striker.

Regarding the first blow that Barcelona received this season in Europe, Lewandowski commented that between mistakes and injuries it was difficult for them to stay in the Champions League.

“If you want to win the Champions League, you can’t make the mistakes we made. But we fought until the end, although perhaps it was already too late, ”he explained.

“I know that due to Barça’s DNA we must always look for a good game, but we must also understand that football is changing”, commented the footballer.


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