The game will be at 2:00 in the afternoon (Salvadoran time).


Barcelona and Madrid, with the ‘Negreira case’ in full swing, play the Classic this Sunday and the result could leave LaLiga sentenced or put things tense with more than 10 dates to play.

If Barcelona wins at the Spotify Camp Nou, the competition would be sentenced with a 12-point lead, but if Madrid manages to win on the road, it would drop to 06 points and things would turn upside down day by day.

A draw would also leave things with a great advantage for Barcelona, ​​since they would continue to maintain the 09 points and, by not playing in Europe anymore after being eliminated from the Champions League and the Europa League, it will allow them to focus solely on this competition.

For many, the lights will be on the referees, because with the ‘Negreria case’ all the reflectors point towards them and any decision could be the cause of controversy. The game will be at 2:00 in the afternoon (Salvadoran time).


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