The anecdote was made in the “Blue and White” podcast.


Photo: courtesy.

The former president of Alianza, Lisandro Pohl, revealed in a podcast hosted by Diego López and Kevin Rodríguez that he bought Paleta Erazo for $1 when he was an Alianza player.

“By the way, Alianza sold me ‘Paleta’ Erazo for $1. The Padillas had the team, so when the federation returned the team to the Sol Meza, Padilla himself gave all the players a free letter and Alianza was left without players,” Pohl said.

The also former president albo assured that the “Palette” did not want to leave the ranks of the pachyderm club because he had had a bad experience with the feathered club. That was that “they didn’t pay him on time.”

Pohl assured that the sale of Erazo was to set a precedent in Salvadoran soccer.


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