It wasn’t for lack of quality, but it also took a bit of luck, as the previous two games fell by a few points.


The Salvadoran women’s basketball team achieved another victory, this time against the Centro Caribe Sports team, made up of Guatemalan athletes.

The Salvadorans achieved a tight 67-59 victory over the athletes from the neighboring country, who also gave their all to take the victory.

So far, the El Salvador basketball team has two consecutive losses and two consecutive victories, thus managing to enter the fight for the fifth point of the contest.

The nationals must now face Mexico to determine which team will take fifth place in the XXIV edition of the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

Although this basketball team did not advance to the semifinals, it was not due to a lack of quality, but it also required a bit of luck, since the previous two games fell 75-62 against Puerto Rico and 72-63 against Cuba.


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