He was born on June 17, Father’s Day, at 10:27 in the morning.

“I was born too, the day I met you,” is how she sums up the immense joy felt by the Salvadoran presenter Larissa Graniello, after giving birth to her firstborn, baby Gianmarco.

As the presenter shared through her social networks, the arrival of her baby has filled not only her life with joy but also that of her partner and other relatives.

“Son, there is no way to explain what I felt when I first heard you, when I met you and held you in my arms, that feeling that I didn’t know existed, it came,” Larissa shared.

“We love you in a way that I still can’t understand and I promise that we will always be here to protect you…”, said the influencer.

As he explained, Gianmarco was born on June 17, Father’s Day, at 10:27 in the morning; he weighed seven pounds seven ounces.

Meanwhile, her colleagues took the opportunity to congratulate her and wish her many blessings for her baby, as well as for her and her partner.

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