Despite the negative reviews from progressives, the Mario Bros. movie is a success.


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The animated film, a joint effort by Universal Studios, Nintendo and Illumination, has raked in more than $377 million after Easter weekend and after raising $204.6 million in its first five days, industry watcher Exhibitor Relations said. .

“The numbers are sensational,” agreed analyst David A. Gross, noting the quality of the film, which appeals to both families and viewers young and old, and both men and women.

Despite the negative criticism from progressives for not having characters: gays, lesbians, trans drag queens, etc; the movie Mario Bros is a success.

One of the most prominent criticisms was from actor John Leguizamo who previously acted as Luigi In ‘Super Mario Bros’ the actor destroyed in comments to the film for lack of diversity, making it known that “I will never see the movie”.

However, none of these criticisms served to damage the concept of said production with such a quick and successful collection.


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