The 28-year-old was the only son of the Costa Rican artist.


Photo: courtesy.

The media “C4 on alert” of the Mexican chain Multimedios revealed more details of the death of Julián Figueroa, son of Maribel Guardia, who died two days ago.

The media outlet details that the 28-year-old man felt bad hours before his death, because he went to lie down on his bed because he had chest pain.

“At approximately 7:00 p.m., she decided to go into the visitor’s room to see how he was doing, however, she found him lying on the bed and no longer responded to any verbal stimulation,” the death report details.

In addition, the one who realized that he was no longer alive was Julián’s wife, Imelda Garza, now a widow.

At the moment, Maribel Guardia only posted a post on her personal Instagram account confirming her son’s death and did not want to provide more details about the case.


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