10 million in the first seven hours after its launch


Photo: Courtesy.

The president of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, announced today that in the first seven hours after its launch there have been ten million downloads of his new social network for conversations Threads, with which he wants to compete with Twitter.

“Ten million registrations in seven hours,” Zuckerberg reported in a message on his account on the new social network, in which he calls himself “Zuck.”

The new social network, whose downloads began early on Wednesday, but with some technical problems, is destined to become a larger platform than Twitter over time, for which it needs to remain “friendly,” according to Zuckerberg.

“It will take some time (…) It should be a public conversation app with over a billion users,” Meta’s owner stated before launch.

The start of the new social network from Meta, which also owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, occurred at 23:00 GMT this Wednesday with two major drawbacks: the lack of access from the countries of the European Union, apparently due to difficulties with EU data protection laws, and on Android phones.


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