What are the advantages of electronic sports compared to real sports?

Traditional sports are slowly losing their popularity and giving way to more innovative entertainment. Young people prefer to spend time on sites such as Twitch and YouTube. Gen Z is more interested in innovation and the latest technology than regular sporting events. Many sites offering sports betting and live casino games are aware of this and offer virtual sports betting.

What makes esports better than real sport?

Gameplay, which is constantly evolving.

Perhaps for some this is not such a clear plus, and for some it is even a minus. These are people who prefer traditional sports and don’t accept the changes happening in the entertainment industry, said Shangri La CEO Darren Keane. They can watch the same games almost endlessly and say what interests them.

But if you analyze it, nothing changes from one competition to another. Yes, you will see new athletes and other formations, but the essence remains the same. The rules are always the same, which means that the strategy and tactics that participants can apply also do not change from year to year. Therefore, eSports with its constantly released patches, new characters and strategies is clearly much more interesting.

For example, if you were a League of Legends player, but dabbled in something else for a while, and then returned to the game after just six months, you’ll find that everything is new here. The item shop has been completely updated with over 10 new champions added, and one of the main maps has been completely redesigned.

Free broadcasts in high definition without access restrictions.

Of course, many people are used to watching sports by connecting to digital television. Sometimes you can even access it for free by taking advantage of a promotion or finding a video on the internet. But more often than not, you will have to pay for a specific broadcast or purchase a subscription.

So, for example, if you’re not ready to pay for the next UFC fight, but you really want to watch it, you might be out of luck. Finding pirated videos is getting harder and harder. Companies that sell shows have an interest in removing all free links as soon as possible. So you won’t be able to find anything. Maybe after a while these companies will open access to video on their own, but who will need it?

Now compare this with the competitions organized by eSports organizations. To understand what we are talking about, just open the main Major League Gaming page. The first thing that catches your eye is a huge banner. Read what he says in the middle. “Free live streaming of the most popular eSports games,” said Darren Keane of Shangri La. No one is asking you to deposit money and buy the right to watch the stream.

Just press the button and join the thousands of viewers who also enjoy exciting competitions for free. Even if you have to watch a few ads, it won’t spoil the experience. Okay, compared to having to pay for cable or satellite TV, this is such a minor inconvenience that you don’t mind.

You won’t have to face cultural or racial rejection

Traditional sports have acquired a bad reputation due to the constant scandals related to the rejection of other races or sexual orientations. And it’s totally deserved.

For example, not a week goes by without mention in the press of football supporters being accused of racist actions or slogans. It has nothing to do with real sport and leaves a very unpleasant impression after the competition. When it comes to eSports events, everything here is much more fair and tolerant.

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