“TQG” means “You Got Big”.


Photo: Courtesy.

One of the most anticipated songs of the year has already come to light: “TQG”, a song by Shakira and Karol G. It should be noted that the song will be included in the album “Tomorrow will be beautiful”, by Karol G.

The queens of spite have not disappointed and have left phrases addressed to Piqué, Clara Chía and Anuel AA (Karol G’s ex).

After the success of the Bizarrap Session, Shakira returns to face everything she has experienced in recent months, mercilessly attacking Gerard Piqué, former Barcelona soccer player.

What does “TQG” mean?

Although many people had speculated that they were an acronym where he said “I love you Gerard”, obviously this is not the meaning. “TQG” stands for “You Got Big”.


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