There were 22 units at a price of 1,999.99 euros


Photo: Courtesy.

Barcelona has created two special editions of shirts for Sunday’s League Classic at the Camp Nou and one of them, the most expensive, has already sold out.

The clothing is characterized by the fact that it bears, on the chest, the logo of Rosalía’s latest album, Motomami.

This is the glow shirt (the letters have a phosphorescent effect in the dark), of which only 22 units were on sale yesterday, 11 for men and 11 for women. Each garment, signed by the players, was priced at 1,999.99 euros and was only available on the e-commerce platform. In less than 24 hours, they have sold out.

However, the t-shirts of the first special edition are still on sale, of which there are 1,899 units. It also sports the MOTOMAMI logo on the chest and a number dedicated to the artist, with the name Rosalía and the number 1, alluding to the anniversary of her album.

These garments are available at a price of 399.99, both in a male and female version.


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