The tigrillos take the crown 19 to Santa Ana, after defeating Jocoro in the final of the Apertura 2022.



The deputy president of the Legislative Assembly, Ernesto Castro, delivered a scroll with special recognition to FAS for having obtained the title of Soccer Champion of the First Professional Category of the 2022 Opening Tournament.

“Its history, without a doubt, is linked to the heroic city. In Santa Ana they love their team, support and cheer. They have been through the moments of glory and the not so good ones, but they do not stop believing”, deputy president”, said Castro at the moment of delivering the recognition to the ocelots.

“FAS has never been alone, it is encouraged by Santanecos and Salvadorans inside and outside the country. Its people are its greatest treasure. In their ranks they have the legend of Mágico González. I want them to continue on the path of victory”, added the deputy president.

For his part, the deputy for Nuevas Ideas, Felipe Interiano, said he was proud of the victory of FAS in the last tournament. «As Santanecos, we feel proud of one more victory of the FAS. When this team plays, we try to be there and live those unforgettable moments. It is incredible how citizens live history and celebrate it.


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