The Spaniards got an important advantage in the first leg, so they will face this match with more calm and less pressure.


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Real Madrid will play their way to the Champions League quarterfinals this Wednesday against Liverpool with the comfortable and important advantage obtained in the first leg.

Carlo Ancelotti’s men won 5-2 at Liverpool’s home, so that wide three-goal advantage gives them some calm before the game.

To go through, Madrid need to tie, no matter how big the score is, or lose 0-2 or less.

If the Spaniards lose by 0-3, the game will go to extra time, because now visiting goals are no longer worth double and with that result the overall result would be 5-5.

Although the match will require commitment from Madrid, the advantage they got in the first leg will allow them to face the game with more calm and less pressure, since they won’t risk attacking and can play on the counterattack.


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