The Salvadoran influencer made the statements on her personal Tik Tok account.


Photo: courtesy.

The Salvadoran influencer, Ale Costa, affirmed through a video posted on social networks that a “friend” stole her engagement ring.

The event occurred when her friend, whose name she did not reveal, asked her to borrow her bedroom to record a video. She agreed to her request, without imagining that she would take the jewel “without permission,” Costa detailed in several videos posted on her Tik Tok account.

“I contacted her when I realized my ring was missing. I didn’t want to do it in a way like blaming her because I knew she wasn’t going to pay me back, ”she comments in one of the videos. “Even I, super cute, wrote to him casually: ‘oops, he disappeared, please come early tomorrow, help me look for him.’ I mean, I was dying inside. I knew she had it; there was no other explanation,” added the influencer.

The santaneca left a moral message for her followers: “the betrayal of a loved one is one of the things that hurt the most.”



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