The restaurant belongs to a faithful follower of Shakira.


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Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend, Clara Chía, had a hard time after visiting a restaurant and were taken out without further explanation.

The couple allegedly tried to enter the premises, but the owner refused to serve them in protest of what the former Barcelona player did to Shakira.

According to international media, the owner of the restaurant is a fan of the Colombian music, who did not like to see the couple who was entering the premises.

This uncomfortable moment immediately went viral on social networks, where a large part of the Internet users applauded the attitude of the restaurant owner while others defended the former soccer player and his current partner.

“The restaurant owner is more faithful to Shakira than Piqué himself”, “I would not have taken them out in his place, I would have put all Shakira’s songs on them” and “They are paying their karma”, were some of the comments that this moment generated .


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