The Parisian players will have to come back in each of Bayern if they want to go to the next round of the Champions League.


The first classified to the quarterfinals of the Champions League met this Tuesday after the matches between Benfica vs Bruges and Chelsea vs Dortmund.

The Portuguese and English are the top finishers, who, on paper, are the easiest rivals in the competition.

Chelsea won 2-1, managing to come back from the first leg. While Benfica seems to have had a walk, since they had already won on the road and now they achieved a 5-1, to go through with a 7-1 aggregate.

Tomorrow the other half of the classified teams will be known, when the Tottenham vs. AC Milan and Bayern vs. PSG matches are played.

Both Milan and Bayern start with advantages, but it is only by the minimum, so nothing is defined.

For their part, the Parisians have it more difficult, as they will have to face the game without the Brazilian Neymar, who is one of the strongholds of the French team and will have a more difficult time coming back at the German club.


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