The National League is quite a sporting spectacle.”


With two victories that allow them to remain undefeated, San Salvador and San Miguel lead the II National Soccer League Tigo Sports Cup 2023 with perfect pace.

San Salvador achieved a tight 1-0 victory over San Vicente, at the Vitoria Gasteiz stadium. while the people of Miguel defeated Cabañas with the same score, in a game held at the Juan Francisco Barraza stadium.

The score for San Salvador was in charge of Ricardo Guevara, who at minute 35 scored the only goal of the match, which was characterized by few goals. It should be noted that the San Salvadoran team maintains its goal unbeatable.

At Barraza, San Miguel achieved its third consecutive victory and secured first place in the tournament by beating Cabañas 1-0.

The score for the Migueleños was the responsibility of Sebastián García, who at minute 54 anticipated the goalkeeper with a corner kick and with a header made it 1-0.

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