The Games will be held from June 23 to July 8.


The Central American and Caribbean Fire continues its final path to the country’s capital, when on Friday June 23 it enters the Jorge “El Mágico” González National Stadium and the cauldron is lit to open the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

In the last hours, the fire started from the municipality of Zacatecoluca and traveled through the municipalities of San Juan Nonualco, San Rafael Obrajuelo, Santiago Nonualco, El Rosario, Olocuilta, Antiguo Cuscatlán and, finally, Santa Tecla, where it will spend the night, just three days away. for the start of the oldest regional sports fair in the world.

Since its arrival, on June 6, the Central American and Caribbean Fire has brought the illusion of the games throughout the 14 departments of the country, where thousands of drivers, passers-by, students and inhabitants of the municipalities traveled have been able to appreciate the symbol of Olympism through this fire.

This Wednesday afternoon, the fire will travel through the municipality of Santa Tecla until arriving in Nuevo Cuscatlán in the afternoon, in one of the last stops before being the protagonist of the inauguration of the San Salvador 2023 Games, this coming Friday, at the Jorge “El Mágico” González National Stadium.

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