The driver no longer wants to have more children and for this reason he raised the idea of ​​selling them.



The Mexican actor Poncho de Nigris is in the eye of the hurricane for his statements. And it is that the driver pointed out that he is considering the possibility of selling his embryos for $ 2 million, an offer that is echoing everywhere and that sparked controversy.

During an interview, de Nigris said that for now he and his wife Marcela Mitral no longer plan to have more children, but they still decided to freeze their embryos to use them later or sell them.

The actor said that if there are interested parties, they will benefit, since the model assures that “his children turn out beautiful” and his genes will serve to “improve the race.” “There must be many interested people, there are the molds, my children. I would sell each embryo for no less than 2 million dollars (…) If they want to have twins, then they buy both (…) it would be 4 million dollars for both”, he stated


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