The driver announced her divorce in March of this year.


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The television presenter from Mexico, Galilea Montijo congratulated her ex-husband, Fernando Reina, because he will be a father again.

According to Mexican entertainment media, it is the fourth time that Reina will be a father. Apparently the ex from Galilee would have maintained a sentimental relationship with a woman much younger than him.

“Well, how fast boy, right?; no, no one knows about that, it surprised me too, I don’t know if it was the gossip from last time, I don’t know, I’m not going to talk about anyone’s life, except him, the personal one, he is already a man single, he is an excellent father, the only thing that interests us is that we both be happy with our children, which is the most important thing,” Montijo said.

The television presenter was married to Reina for 11 years, where they had a son who is already 10 years old.


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