The composer feels disappointed because his work on the song has not been recognized



Pedro Tovar, composer of the song “Ella Baila Sola”, was upset after Featherweight did not give him credit during his presentation with Jimmy Fallon.

Mexican media detailed that Pedro Tovar from Eslabón Armado is disappointed because Peso Pluma, who performs the hit “Ella baila sola”, did not credit him as the song’s composer.

Tovar shared his annoyance in a live stream on TikTok, which was later removed. According to Tovar, he never received support from Featherweight or his label, since the song was released in March of this year. The situation has generated discomfort among the fans of both artists, who point out that one is taking advantage of the other’s work.

It all started after Featherweight performed “Ella baila sola” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, however, the popular singer never credited Eslabón Armado or Tovar as the author of the song.

“How would you feel if there is someone at a higher level than you, and you write a song with effort, with feeling, that it is your song, it is your song, and you decide to put on someone else who likes their music, and what not deserve credit for your role? Like what the f… Basically it is what it is, I did not receive credit for my song (…) Featherweight did not put it on his Instagram at all, number one, or ‘greetings for my compa Pedro, that the song was a success ‘. Nothing. It’s what bothers me, but there’s no way, we’re going to keep trying hard,” Tovar said.


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