The captain of the German team spoke about the Argentine after leaving him out of the Champions League again



Once again Messi had to suffer against Bayern Munich. The Argentine accumulated a new defeat against the German team, this time not with Barcelona’s shirt but with PSG’s for the round of 16 of the Champions League after losing 2-0 (Global).

Due to this, Thomas Müller boasted, as he had already done in the previous one, of his positive statistics every time he has to face the Argentine star, either at club level or in national teams, and either with the Barcelona shirt or with the from PSG.

“Against Messi, things always go very well in terms of results at all levels,” Müller told the German press in statements collected by ‘Kicker’.

And he went further when comparing him with Cristiano Ronaldo: “At the club, Cristiano Ronaldo was our problem when he played for Real Madrid.” To fix it, he later said: “I have the utmost respect for Messi and the World Cup he won.”


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