The Águila player affirms that it was not the best way for him to no longer be summoned.


Photo: courtesy.

The feathered player, Darwin Cerén, explained in an interview that he is “upset” by the way he was removed from the Blue and White. The statements were made in the Azul podcast program hosted by Diego López and Kevin Rodríguez

“It bothers me because it is not the way to get me out of the national team, I know that many things have happened and may the teacher (Hugo Pérez) forgive me, but if he is going to say that it is due to discipline, more than half the team would not be in selection, “said Cerén in the sports program.

The former captain of the Selecta added that he has dedicated “years” to the senior soccer team so that his career ends like this.

The Salvadoran said that it does not seem like a problem to take his wife and son to a concentration, likewise, he pointed out that he invited his trusted friends from Orlando to take photos at the hotel with his teammates such as Alex Larín, Bryan Tamacas and Nelson Bonilla.


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