Several users say that this incident reveals that there is tension in their relationship.


Photo: courtesy.

The actor Ben Affleck and Jennifer López, were captured by a tense episode when they were walking down the street, in a video that has gone viral the actor Affleck is seen in a moody attitude, throwing the car door against Jennifer.

The two have been in a relationship for two years.

This event happened in a place where both tried to leave a cafeteria in Santa Monica, California.

As the two made their way to Ben’s car, several paparazzi took pictures of the couple. After opening the door for “JLO” to get into the car, Affleck threw it at him.

Although the exact details of the incident are not known, the video clearly shows the actor upset, appearing to have lost his temper and expressing his frustration by slamming the car door on Jennifer Lopez, who cannot be seen reacting to what happened.


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