Pope Francis has surprised by wearing a fashionista style.



Fashion Week in Milan ended successfully just a couple of weeks ago.

However, as if inspired by the trends that were presented for the 2023 fall-winter season, Pope Francis has been seen with a totally fashionista look.

And it is that when we think of a priest, a monk, or someone of high rank within the hierarchical structure of the Catholic clergy, we think of people dressed and groomed in a particular way, so seeing the Pope wearing a totally different attire usually get a lot of attention.

In the last few hours, the image of Pope Francis has gone viral in which he is seen with a different look than usual, it shows the priest wearing a long, thick coat, like those used to go skiing or those who wear rappers.

But yes, it maintains the characteristic color of every Pope of the Catholic Church, white, which matches perfectly with the episcopal skullcap characteristic of priests.


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