On the 22nd of Alianza he scored a double in the contúntete 5-2 victory against Jocoro


Photo: courtesy.

Alianza did not miss the opportunity and took advantage of the social networks to demonstrate that Fito Zelaya returned on the 22nd to break the net and help the pachyderm club in a victory.

“If they talk about more, we’ll leave them mute, I swear,” said the club from the capital to celebrate their happiness for Zelaya’s double achieved yesterday in the match against Jocoro.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Alianza won 5-2 against Jocoro on date 13 of Liga Indes and it is their second win in a row in the competition.

The pachyderm club is in the first position with 27 points, the same units that Águila has in the Clausura 2023 championship. Both teams advance the game on date 15 (in which the two face each other) for Holy Wednesday at 3:15 pm.

This is due to a concert that will take place at the Cuscatlán stadium.


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