Luis Miguel remembered his mother Marcela Basteri in the middle of May 10, the date on which Mother’s Day is celebrated



Luis Miguel has always been characterized by keeping many details of his life covered, especially with everything related to Marcela Basteri, his mother, who disappeared years ago.

However, for this Mother’s Day, the singer made a post that surprised many.

It was at the end of the 80’s when he disappeared and from then on different theories about his whereabouts grew. According to the “Sol de México” series, he hired a private investigator from Mossad to find out about his whereabouts, but nobody knows anything.

After the disappearance, some speculations arose, the truth is that everything led to nothingness itself and each hypothesis that arose gradually collapsed with the passage of time.

The post of the Mexican singer led many moved users to react to the publication. “This story broke my heart”; “Luis Miguel uploaded a photo on IG with his mother, I’m already sweating from my eyes,” were some of the comments he received.


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