It will take away the chiches”


The followers of the Salvadoran stylist René Valdivieso have been shocked, after he confessed during a LIVE, that he is in love with the Salvadoran presenter, Irene Castillo.

“Because of Irene Castillo I become a man,” René replied when one of his fans questioned him if he was in love with her. “It’ll take away the bugs,” he added jokingly.

Finally, he clarified that everything is part of a joke, however, he confesses that he greatly admires the morning presenter, “Arriba Mi Gente” whom he considers a very beautiful person not only physically but also as a person.

“I love Irene Castillo, Bella! And very nice. I like her super well, she’s very pretty,” said the stylist and influencer.

Faced with such statements, the fans responded immediately and agreed that Irene Castillo is indeed a very beautiful and charismatic woman.



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