It was the third studio album by the legendary band


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The legendary band, Metallica, recalled this Friday the 37th anniversary of the release of their album “Master of Puppets”, the third recorded in a studio in the group’s recording history.

“Master of Puppets” was released 37 years ago #OnThisDay in 1986! What is your favorite song on the album?” Metallica detailed on their social media accounts.

Master Of Puppets was released on March 3, 1986. Then, in November 2017, a remastered version was made available to its fans. This album was Metallica’s first Gold Record, after surpassing 500,000 copies sold.

In total, Master of Puppets has sold more than 6 million copies since its launch and in various countries around the world. In its list of songs is the production of the same name, which is considered one of the cult songs of heavy metal.


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