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In recent days, a new language is becoming a trend in social networks, it is o22 that implements an alphanumeric code that some people understand, especially on TikTok and Instagram.

Like all types of communication, it has its variation and in this case the rule is that the initial letter is ‘o’, to later accompany it with a number, which is in charge of giving the meaning and differentiating the code.

The use of this concept, which has gone viral in recent days, is that each code represents a letter, which, for example, could mean the initial of the name of the person someone likes.

What does the number “o22” mean in WhatsApp and Instagram

This new trend that was born in social networks other than WhatsApp, but that finally reached the states of the app.

  • It is a letter, in this case the “o”, and a number.
  • This number means a letter, in this case the initial of the person you love or would like to have a relationship with.
  • Such is the case of the number “o22″ which means “A”.
  • So if you share it in your WhatsApp status, you only have to place the code.
  • Anyone can be referred to.
  • Of course, the number or code “023” does not necessarily translate as “B”, on the contrary.
  • In the case of “B” it would be “o76″.


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