It is estimated that the Salvadoran contingent is around 550 athletes plus 275 officials, including delegates and coaches.



The president of the Organizing Committee of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 (COSSAN2023), Yamil Bukele, said today that in the regional fair, which will take place from June 23 to July 8, a total of 465 events, delivering 1,499 medals, distributed as follows: 465 gold, 465 silver and 569 bronze.

There will be a total of 38 sports that will enter into contention, with 32 of them and 45 sports disciplines in the Salvadoran capital, while six sports and nine sports disciplines will be played at the Santo Domingo sub-venue.

Bukele explained that, for organizational purposes, seven clusters have been designated, grouping the sports according to the scenario in which they will take place.

Regarding food, the president of COSSAN2023 explained that there will be approximately 400,000 plates of food that will be served during the fair, including those for athletes, coaches, delegates, officials, volunteers, medical and security personnel, as well as members of the organizing committee.

Regarding the joint work with other State portfolios that are part of the Sports Cabinet, the official gave as an example what was done at the Villa Central American and Caribbean (UES) Management table.

The head of COSSAN2023 also reported that there are 5,456 volunteers registered so far (San Salvador) and 133 in the Dominican Republic. “The pre-selection began on February 27 and the general training (asynchronous and virtual) begins on March 15, which will last until the last week of April. Then the specific training will come.


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