In El Salvador, Mother’s Day is celebrated year after year on May 10: we tell you the reasons and its origin



Mother’s Day is celebrated in much of the world, but on different dates for each country. What has been established as a consensus is that the day serves to pay tribute to motherhood, not so much as a fundamental factor for the construction of the family, but rather as a symbolic process historically associated with love, effort, to understanding and tenderness.

Many consider that the tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day does not originate in contemporary times. In fact, ancient civilizations already worshiped the figure of the mother.

It was in Ancient Egypt, in 2,100 BC, where they began to worship the goddess Isis as ‘the great mother goddess’, although it was not until Ancient Greece that they began to worship Rhea, mother of Olympus. This tradition was also adopted by the Romans, who began to worship the goddess Cibeles, the Mother goddess, for three days a year, to whom they brought flowers.

In 1910, in the United States, a campaign began to establish this day that was made official until 1914. The first celebration was held on May 10, hence the day was marked to date. in that country.

Mother’s Day in El Salvador

However, in El Salvador, Mother’s Day was celebrated in February at the beginning of the last century. It was from 1927 that the date changed to be celebrated on May 10, something that was made official, by the then Constituent Assembly, in 1983.

33 years have passed, and in 2016 the Legislative Assembly repealed the decree that provided paid leave only to public employees for Mother’s Day, and that private employees could also enjoy this benefit, doing the same as on Father’s Day, on June 17.


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