I never thought that I would look so pretty in a bridal house


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A 77-year-old grandmother, originally from Ohio, United States, showed that there is no greater love than one’s own, which is why she decided to marry herself after more than four decades of remaining single.

The woman, identified as Dorothy Fedeli, performed a religious ceremony last Saturday, from the retirement home where she lives, to marry the love of her life, herself.

The events went viral on social networks and caused a strong debate among Internet users.

According to Dorothy’s testimony, she was married for nine years to a man; the wedding took place in 1965 and it was a civil ceremony, where the grandmother did not wear a wedding dress.

The couple had three children, but since the divorce the woman remained single. Now, her civil status has changed, since after seeing on television that a woman married herself, Fedeli decided to do the same and marry herself.

For the ceremony, the granny decorated and graced the hallways of the O’Bannon Terrace retirement home in Goshen, Ohio, where she currently lives.

Dorothy wore white on her way to the altar and assured that she had never felt as beautiful as she did when wearing the wedding dress:

“I never thought I would look so pretty in a bridal thing,” she revealed to local media.


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