Hundreds of people came to the restaurant where Messi dined with some friends



The Argentine teams have returned to their country to face the next friendlies on the FIFA date. The current world champions were received with cheers and effusiveness, emotions focused, specifically, on Lionel Messi.

After spending his first hours on home soil, the trans-Andean star decided to go out to eat with his family, without waiting for what would happen next.

Located in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, the Don Julio restaurant was the epicenter of a crowd of albiceleste fans who crowded in front of it to “greet” the Paris Saint Germain player.

In videos published on social networks, it looks like a stampede, Messi left the restaurant, running and protected by police, while the madness of the local public was heard and seen by the presence of the selected team.

Even, according to various angles of the aforementioned situation, a happy Lionel Messi was captured before the Argentine euphoria, where some fans managed to photograph and film him and even touch him and express their admiration for him.



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