Gavi will be able to keep his number ‘6’ but will have to be registered again as a subsidiary footballer.



Barcelona adds a new problem. And this time with the inscription of Gavi. The culé club will have to remove the first team card and give it one again with the subsidiary after a judge has agreed with LaLiga.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the judge has decided to cancel the registration of the Sevillian footballer. LaLiga refused from the beginning to accept said file, since he understood that he was skipping the financial fair play, but a first resolution of the commercial judge number 10 in Barcelona agreed with the culé team.

The judge granted Barcelona’s request because not registering it would have “irreparable consequences” for the club. This yes, the Barcelona entity would have to present/display a demand so that the subject was resolved in the courts. LaLiga complied with the judge’s resolution and allowed registration. However, the club did not fulfill its part as it filed the lawsuit after the deadline.

Now, with the resolution, Gavi will return to his previous contract, so he will have to play with the subsidiary file. And the worst thing is not that, it is that as of June the player’s termination clause is zero euros, so any club could take him away for free.


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