For many users of social networks, this explains certain strange behaviors on the part of Anuel, where he was seen for a long time with a skeletal and sick appearance.


Photo: courtesy.

A supposed santero sorcerer, exposed the singer in an entertainment program called “Somos topo point”, he spoke about a job he would have done for Yailin, which specifically she wanted to make the singer fall madly in love with her.

It seemed that the mooring had worked, however, the sorcerer declared that he had discarded the work, since the artist failed to pay for the services to which said character is dedicated.

“That one is from Yailin. We had that buried in the cemetery and we brought it here, you know, if they don’t pay, we’ll talk. $ 1,700 is what she owes us, we had it quiet, but she has not complied, that she come here, so that we can resolve it, ”said the alleged witch.


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