Dramas based on Italian Rai TV books for Americans to binge watch

Bored of the same streaming service libraries? Want to watch something new and exciting? We have a few questions for you. Are you a fan of foreign content? Do you like reading? If you answered yes, then we have the perfect service for you, Rai TV.

For gorging on foreign content and book-based dramas, Rai TV is the one-stop streaming platform that might pique your interest.

However, the service is currently not available in the United States, we recommend downloading a reliable VPN service to watch Rai TV in the United States. Rai Play offers a wide range of TV shows and movies for the viewers.

Here are 8 of the most popular book-based dramas on Rai TV that are perfect for your next binge.

Vincenzo Malinconico, failure lawyer

The story follows the life of Vincenzo Malinconico. This semi-successful successful lawyer is better at the psychology of things rather than working on real cases. Her life is turned upside down when she is asked to defend a criminal in court.

The series consists of eight 50-55 minute episodes and is adapted from the books by Diego De Silva.

Mina September

Mina Settembre tells the story of Mina, a recently divorced social worker who does not hesitate to help people in need. Her life takes an unexpected turn as she uncovers the mystery behind her father’s past.

The awesome friend

The disappearance of her friend Lila forces Elena, now an older woman, to get on her PC and start writing the intriguing and exciting story of their friendship. Spanning a 60-year timeline, the series follows the two’s lives and how their friendship has progressed.

Based on the novel My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante.


The story follows a recently unemployed journalist, Saverio Lamanna. Who, after quitting his job, returns home to Macari. Fascinated by the stories of the inhabitants, he becomes an investigator and investigates the various cases that take place there.

I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone

The story closely follows the life of an anti-drug squad from Naples led by Inspector Lojacono. The team is made up of personnel who have previously participated in teams dealing with drugs and the drug cartel.


The Genoa police hire a young blind woman with a keen sense of justice, Blanca, as a consultant. It decodes audio files for the station. The story follows her life as a blind person and police consultant and how she overcomes the challenges thrown at her.

Imma Tataranni – Sostituto procuratore

The story follows the life of a genius assistant prosecutor, Imma Tataranni. With her prodigious memory, she uses unorthodox methods to solve crimes and draw conclusions from various cases brought before her.

The show includes four episodes, each based on Mariolina Venezia’s four books.


Alice Allevi is a medical student who does not yet know who she wants to be. She finds the answer when her grandmother’s caregiver is murdered. She is interested in forensic medicine.

The show follows his journey in love and as a student trying to improve himself through the challenges of forensic science.

Final Thoughts

There is a huge range of TV shows available on Rai TV, both fictional and based on true stories, and there is something for everyone. You too can watch Rai TV in the US just by downloading a good VPN.

A good VPN can help you overcome geo-restrictions set by the Rai TV network. Having a VPN can help you by masking your IP address and masking your IP address with that of a suitable server.

We hope this list helps you find your next binge-worthy series.

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