De La Cruz Hernández alleges that the lack of consent in the use of his voice also gives way to a claim for damages



The singer Bad Bunny has been involved in legal problems after his ex-girlfriend Carliz de la Cruz, with whom he had an affair from 2011 to 2016, sued him for using his voice in two of his songs. Bad Bunny is also in controversy for the alleged hints at Kendall Jenner’s ex-partner in her most recent song.

The lawsuit is for image rights, author’s moral rights and damages, filed on March 1 in the Court of First Instance of San Juan, where compensation of not less than $40 million is requested by adding all the damages sustained by the demanding.

The ex-novice of the “Bad Rabbit” says that she recorded a chorus on her cell phone, at the request of Bad Bunny, which was initially used in the song “Pa’ ti” (2017) and later in the song “Dos mil 16″ , which appears on the album “Un verano sin ti”, from 2022. It is the use of said recording in this last song that caused the litigation.

After using the chorus in several songs that he recorded and uploaded on the SoundCloud platform, as it appears in the document, the artist published the song “Pa’ ti” in December 2016, where Bryant Myers also sang, where the phrase appeared and the voice of the young woman “without her consent or written authorization.”



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