Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner ended up being heavily criticized for their phrases.


Photo: courtesy.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner, Georgina Rodríguez, stated in a Spanish program, El Hormiguero, that the star of Portugal “is not materialistic”, this phrase generated several criticisms on social networks.

Rodríguez is promoting the second season of her series that will be broadcast on Netflix as “Georgina”.

“I’m not a materialist… I have a nine-carat diamond and 150 bags” “neither superficial nor materialistic, it’s giving me a bit of embarrassment” are some of the phrases that can be read from users.

Another of the phrases that users criticized the most was: “Sometimes I put videos of children who don’t have food so they can see what can happen to them.”

The fans of El Hormiguero criticized on this occasion as the presenter, Pablo Motos, for taking the businesswoman to his program.


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