a total of 5 winners would get the amount of $10,000 each, the content creator detailed.


Photo: courtesy.

The famous content creator known worldwide as Mr. Beast, through his social networks, reported that he would be holding a $50,000 raffle among his millions of followers.

I assure you that a total of 5 winners would obtain the amount of 10 thousand dollars for each one, meeting certain requirements to be able to participate, which consist of sharing the photo of the publication where I announce the draw in their stories and mentioning a friend in said publication.

Thousands of Salvadorans have joined this interesting dynamic in a somewhat peculiar way, since in the influencer’s post, different comments can be observed such as: “one never knows, just in case, 0.0% chance but 100% faith ».

It’s my birthday, so I’ll be giving away $50,000 to 5 followers, Mr. Beast said on his social media.


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