This weekend the CEL Cup 2023 started



Encouraged by the start of the third edition of the Beach Soccer League (LFP) CEL Cup 2023, the members of the San Marcelino women’s team took advantage of their location to set up a food sale on the outskirts of the Costa del Sol National Stadium.

The players offered visitors a sandwich, fruit, sodas, water and a variety of churros.

«We take the opportunity to bring sales now that we are local, with the aim of raising funds, it is to help with expenses that are made when we have to play visiting. On this occasion we have brought fruit (jocote, jicama, mango, watermelon, and pineapple), as well as a sandwich, soda, and a variety of snacks,” said Sandra Ramírez.

In this sense, he stated that in the first of the two days, the sale was quite productive, because the visitors took advantage of the fact that they were the only ones near the entrance of the stadium.

That is why the player encourages the rest of the teams to take advantage of the days in which they are host to offer products or food to visitors and obtain extra income to help with expenses.


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