The statements were made in a podcast and it has not gone down well with the merengue fans.

Photo: courtesy.

The Real Madrid player, Toni Kross, affirmed that his team’s shirt is an “M…”, these statements were made after the polo shirt used by the merengue club and he does not like it to play a soccer game.

The harsh statements were made in the podcast ‘Einfacht mal Luppen’, which he leads with his brother Félix.

The midfielder tried to explain the reason for his words, considering that manufacturers should not make polo-type shirts, since they would only need to add ‘more buttons’ in the future and now force them to play ‘with a shirt’.

“Collared shirts are not good, they are uncomfortable and not pleasant at all. And then you have two buttons up there. They only need to add a few more buttons and we can start playing with a shirt, or what? It’s not nice… ”, he assured on the program.

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