The South American coach clarified the issue from his home country, Ecuador, on the subject without penalty.


Photo: file.

The former FAS technician, Octavio Zambrano, clarified to Diario El Salvador about a situation in which the Ecuadorian technician was accused of owing $30 to a fruit vendor.

The fact was revealed by a YSKL sports journalist, Mauricio Rivas, in a broadcast of the FAS vs. Santa Tecla match.

“That fruit debt never existed. Probably, I bought that entire tray of fruit from that lady on about ten occasions,” Zambrano assured the media.

The South American coach added that the player Guillermo Stradela is a witness that he paid what he asked for.

«That it is mentioned that I was left owing to fruits seems to me that this is an attempt on the part of that communicator to put a stain on my reputation. He already had to put in their positions a couple of people who were saying things that were not true, “said Zambrano.


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