The Salvadoran made a video on her personal Tik Tok account in which she confesses that her partner “knows what she has done.”

Photo: file.

The former television presenter, Ligia Roca published a video on TikTok, in the would have ┬╗revealed that it is currently separated.

With images of her and a text that is revealed during the production of the video, it says: “You know what you did, the damage you caused and the lies you told. When the sun goes down how can you sleep?┬╗, She assumes that she is no longer accompanied.┬╗

“We all make mistakes. Yours was to think that you could break me, mine was you, “said the former presenter in which the recording ends.

Roca congratulated his fans for their support and said that he would soon upload content to his social networks again “as was the custom.”


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