The improbable story of the ‘tiktoker’ Eno Alaric has gone viral again with millions of visits



For a couple of days, the tiktoker Eno Alaric has become a celebrity on the Internet thanks to his account @radianttimetraveler where he claims to be a ‘time traveler’ who comes from the year 2671 and makes constant premonitions about events that have not yet happened. happened.

Among his latest predictions, one that would take place today, Thursday, March 23, stood out: “an alien race will descend on Earth and take over the human race.”

“A very hostile alien species is coming to take back Earth, we won’t win. Another alien, whose world was destroyed by the hostiles, will save some of us. On March 23, 2023, some 8,000 people will be taken to another habitable planet, ”he said.

But not only that, in another video in which he continues the theme, he assures that the 8,000 people who will be taken to another planet to save humanity will be selected very soon taking into account who can help others to stay alive.



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