The games will take place between June 23 and July 8, 2023.


With an atmosphere of great joy and enthusiasm, our volunteers poured out this morning on Army Boulevard to continue sharing the illusion and excitement of the San Salvador 2023 Games.

And it is that 17 days after the start of the games, the boys could not be more excited to be part of them.

Entering the final stretch, the volunteer work has been very varied and full of learning. During the weekend they received important training in their areas of action.

This Monday morning, another group of enthusiastic volunteers arrived at the Boulevard del Ejército to give promotional gifts to the drivers, talk with them and provide them with more information about the games.

Every time the volunteers take to the streets with their promotional items, you can feel the positive energy they radiate. His excitement is contagious and has created an atmosphere of palpable enthusiasm in the city. The drivers and passers-by who interact with them receive detailed information about the games, further sparking their interest and anticipation for the regional fair.

To the rhythm of the batucada, one of the main arteries of our country was able to perceive that passion that our volunteers put into each of the activities in which they have taken part.

As the start date of the San Salvador 2023 Games approaches, the excitement in the city does not stop growing. Volunteers, who play a key role in organizing and running this major sporting event, continue to spread joy and fervor throughout the city.

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