The ex-Blaugrana defender also expressed himself on other topics.

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Former Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué stated in an interview that he did not know that the Blaugrana club paid referees after the “Negreira case” became known.

Piqué defended the integrity of the Barça entity and emphasized that, in terms of the possible purchase of referees, it would be an activity that could go unnoticed in the public eye.

«I would put my hand in the fire that Barça has not bought referees. If you want to buy a referee, it’s very easy, stay with him and give him an envelope,” said the former Barcelona defender.

Regarding his separation from Shakira, Piqué commented that he maintains a good relationship with his children and chose to point out that both he and the singer make the decisions they consider appropriate for the well-being of minors.

Regarding Lionel Messi, Piqué said that it is the Argentine himself who has the final decision on whether to return to Barcelona, ​​stay at PSG or seek another destination like MLS.

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